Hidroterapia de colon
The COLON HYDROTHERAPY or colonic therapy is a procedure by which, using water (Highly Purified Fluid Water Therapy), the colon is cleansed and detoxified.
Our includes personalized consultation and an IRIDOLOGY EXAM with our specialists. Generally, consists of a series of questions. Our Professional Iridology Exam identifying greater health breaks and intoxicated organs in your body.
Procedimientos estéticos
This amazing procedure is the best way to clean your pores and detox your skin. It is important to get rid of dead cells to enhance a brighter and smoother skin. You will love it! Every facial is personalized based on the needs of each guest.
Biomagnetismo Médico
Biomagnetism is the science that through bio-resonance regulates a living being, by means of its own electromagnetic waves and is based on the science of biophysics and Atlantic mechanics.
Consulta Online
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ionic detox van uden center new york
Desintoxicación Iónica
Is a relaxing detoxification process focused on eliminating electromagnetic fields (EMF), heavy metals, and other toxins through your feet. Few people are aware of the consequences of this type of intoxication. There are many factors affecting your daily life, EMF can be found in you household appliances. Heavy metals can be found in the food you eat.
Paquete de Desintoxicación
he detoxification package was specially designed to heal the body throughout a complete body detox. Toxins, heavy metal, and noxious habits are getting you sick. Are you ready to live a healthier life?