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He is distinguished mainly by his human kindness, generosity and hard work in his career; more than 30 years dedicated to health care of thousands of people who have been treated with alternative therapies. He is respected and admired among many who were patients and today friends.

His studies ended at begin of 1987, he started his specialization in the School of Protection and Security “Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada” of the National Police of Colombia.

A short time later, he started his independent career in the Soacha,  Colombia in “Drug Store La Bogotanita”, where he was allowed to take his first steps as a doctor with a specialty in Alternative Medicine, his goal was to be in service of low-income communities.

In  1988, the idea of creating the San Antonio Social Medical Center was born. The clinic opened its doors in July 1991.

This decision was supported by his father Antonio van Uden Nuss, Knight of the Order of Malta, Alfonso van Uden counting on the collaboration and perseverance of his wife and a professional team of doctors, dentists, bacteriologists, therapists, psychologists, nurses, and staff to fully address these communities offering health and welfare.


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Dr. Alfonso Van Uden is a Colombian Doctor

 I accept that I am approaching voluntarily to this center of alternative therapies, known by the name of VAN UDEN CENTER, to receive advice from a Colombian Doctor and holistic Iridologist Known as Alfonso Van Uden.

 I understand that he is not a doctor of conventional medicine in the United States nor intends to be one; therefore, he does not prescribe drugs or treatments or diagnose any disease.

 Likewise, I have been informed that Dr. Alfonso van Uden does not replace treatments imposed by my conventional US doctor, instead, it will complement the healing process in a natural way.

 Its orientation is valid and professional for my needs, but I am NOT approaching this center looking for emergency rescue or surgical procedure of any form because this is not performed here.

 I understand and acknowledge that their recommendations are of natural character and would not cause any harm to my health; therefore, it is my decision and responsibility to take or not the recommendations Dr. Alfonso van Uden. 

If I have come accompanying a minor or a disabled person, I note as a parent, guardian, or responsible, that I have sufficient capacity and authority to receive recommendations from Dr. Alfonso van Uden for the minor or disabled person.

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