Parasites are organisms that live in your body and feed on your nutrients. Therefore parasitic infection can cause the human body to suffer anemia, organ damage, loss of weight, malnutrition, cancer and they can even prevent your cognitive skills to function or develop. Parasites usually live in your digestive system but can travel your body causing organ damage, even brain damage thus preventing you to think, rationalize and memorize.

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  • Eliminates the parasites that feed on the vitamins, and minerals that you consume in your food, making you absorb the ideal nutrients from each meal
  • Prevents and helps with nausea
  • Stops and Prevents vomiting and diarrhea
  • Improves physical development of the body. 
  • Improve Cognitive development and skills.
  • Prevents organ damage and helps its functioning good. 
  • Prevents itching and rash 
  • Prevents stomach pain 
  • Prevents Weight loss cause by parasites feeding on you. (unnatural and unhealthy weight loss)
  • Prevents and improves Muscle Aches
  • Prevents and Improves Head Aches 
  • Avoids malnutrition


Side Effects: Use the dosage recommended, overdosing can cause you to vomit, have nausea, diarrhea and aches in your body. Do not mix with alcohol since it can cause the opposite effect and increase your chances of getting parasitic infection. Parasitic infection caused by alcohol can cause:

  • Extreme pain 
  • Lliver Damage
  • Brain Damage 
  • Eye and sight Damage


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