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Natural Complete Body Detox

The detoxification package was specially designed to heal the body throughout a complete body detox. Toxins, heavy metal, and noxious habits are getting you sick. Are you ready to live a healthier life?

The detoxification package includes 3 therapies and 1 cleansing kit. It takes around 3 hours to complete it. You can book a block of 3  hours to complete the package in one day here or book separate appointments for each therapy. (Book within one week for better results)


Our includes personalized consultation and iridology exam with our specialists. Generally, consists of a series of questions. Our Professional Iridology Exam identifying greater health breaks and intoxicated organs in your body.
Throughout the Iridology, we can establish which of your internal organs are presenting any anomalies based on the patterns of your iris.

We can also evaluate which illnesses are you predisposed to and manage to heal them accordingly.


This is the First Step of the Detoxification Package since it is the evaluation of your health. You will be amazed by how precise the Iridology is. It is a fast and easy way to get periodical check-ups.

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Colon therapy is part of the detoxification package since we believe that the organism should be prepared to be healed.

More than 95% of our patients get at least 3 Colonic Therapies every 6 months. By detoxifying the body you can restore the natural processes of the body bring it to equilibrium.

Through a Colonic Therapy, you can have better digestion and therefore you can increase your energy and avoid feeling fatigue!

​If cleaning your Digestive System was as easy as brushing your teeth or bathing your body, you would surely clean it every day. If you could evacuate the stool stuck for years on the walls of the digestive tract, would you do it?. Now we Clean your intestine of fecal matter that sticks to the walls of the digestive tract. Through this procedure, we eliminate all fecal matter, gases, and other organisms that have been poisoning for years (even decades in some of us).

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Ionic Detox

It is a relaxing detoxification process focused on eliminating electromagnetic fields (EMF), heavy metals, and other toxins through your feet. Few people are aware of the consequences of this type of intoxication. There are many factors affecting your daily life, EMF can be found in you household appliances. Heavy metals can be found in the food you eat.

Colon is not the only organ that might seem affected by the overload of toxins and heavy metals in the body.

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The easiest and most convenient way to get rid of these is throughout the Ionic Detox. The charged ion on the foot bath absorbs these toxins and tint the water while detoxifying your body. After 30 minutes you will be able to see how the clear water turned into dark-tinted water due to all the toxins absorbed.

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Cleansing Kit

The Cleansing Kit is our best seller product since it’s proven to help our patients restore their body´s natural digestion. 

​It is a complete digestive system cleansing kit meaning that it does not only cleanse the colon but the liver, gallbladder, stomach, and short intestine are benefitted as well. See the result by losing your belly weight while detoxifying your body. Loose up to 5 pounds in the first session

​While our holistic procedures are an efficient and quick way to detoxify your body of different factors, the digestive cleansing kit is a one-month home treatment with completely natural products. This cleaning kit will clean your colon quickly, effectively and naturally. It will allow to strengthen any detoxification treatment supported by Van Uden center focused on the digestive system. Visit our website and learn more about the alternative benefits. This bundle of four (4) organic-products.


Promotes regular bowel movement relieving trapped air and constipation without creating dependency. Boost your energy, stop feeling bloated, and start having a healthy and normal digestion


The Ultra Colon Care tables are an advance formula elaborated to prevent the inflammation, irritation and sensibility of the colon


It provides your body with complete protection from parasites. Parasite Free attack those leeches that are eating the nutrients and impeding some principal organs to receive the nutrients they need.


Aids the process of digestion, help to improve your immune system, and alleviate some common problems associated with intolerance to certain kind of foods.

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