Medical Biomagnetism is the science that through bio-resonance regulates a living being, by means of its own electromagnetic waves and is based on the science of biophysics and Atlantic mechanics.

According to theories of doctors and doctors who have worked on medical biomagnetism, Dr. Isaac Goes, most of all diseases are the product of fundamental alterations of the PH in internal organs and the presence of viruses and bacteria.

It is affirmed that the pathologies begin in two interrelated points that come from the same bioenergetic characteristic, although they are located in different places of the body. In what is called biomagnetic, is that while one of those points occurs in the other construction alkalization occurs, that causes one to accumulate viruses and bacteria in the other. This can give rise to the accumulation of viruses and bacteria in the other.

This can influence that through the Biomagnetic Pair work by placing magnets at specific points of the disease. To balance that pH, whether it is alkaline acid and to avoid illness, reduce pain or generate increased defenses so that the disease can disappear.

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The Biomagnetic Pair to apply it must be magnets of a certain power minimum of one thousand gals onwards.

One of north or negative polarity and another of the south or positive polarity can level that PH, assuming that the medium that supports the level of the pathogen up to be neutral, or alkaline acid and stop supporting those pathogens that lack the conditions suitable for reproduction have a deteriorating action and recovery is.

In the alterations of the protons of the PH, or acid levels or levels of alkalinity can work, in the case of acids if there are viruses, fungi, muscle dysfunctions or muscle pain magnets are worked to decrease that acidity.

In the case of alkalinity, if there are parasitic bacteria muscle weakness or unbalanced energy levels, treatment is done at the level of decreasing the alkalinity to improve the neutral level of the hydrogen protons or pH that should be 7.3, so in the Biomagnetism works on the normal energy level, which in its acronym refers to NEN with the function of being able to generate that neutrality and improve the system of defenses and metabolism of human beings.

Medical biomagnetism is a complementary therapy, one of the active principles is to generate balance, that is why holistic medicine is very important first is to make levels of detoxification.

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