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In medicine, we believe the liver is one of the most important organs of the body.

The liver is one of the most important organ in our body. Not only it process fats but produce hormones in our body that can influence our mood, digestive system and definitely our weight.. The liver is the organ in charge of producing and processing fat. When fat is not processed it is accumulated in the abdominal periphery. The liver get overload of fat when we do not mind what type of foods we eat or when we drink too much alcohol or consuming other type of substances.

This can bring serious complications to the liver functions and prevent a healthy development of this important organ. When the lives is affected, the whole digestive system is affected. A sick liver can increase risk of gallbladder stones, ulceration complications due to the high levels of bilirubin, diabetes and overweight.

Liver serve as a “filter” in our digestive system. For this reason, it can get overload of toxins or metals such as iron. An overload liver can produce intense pain, other digestive problems, bad breathe, overweight, mad mood, acne, etc.

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The Liver: Leptin Receptor and Leptin Function

The Liver is also in charge of producing a hormone that is essential for your Metabolism. This hormone is called LEPTIN an is called to be “the hormone or energy expenditure”. The main function of LEPTIN is to tell the brain that you have enough fat stored and that you do not need extra calories to burn (food). LEPTIN is also commonly know as the “satiety hormone” because is the hormone of controlling desires to eat. This hormone has significant influence on the reproductive system and on the brain development. The fact that the hormone is not correctly produced or that your body does not respond to it, is believed to be the leading reason of fat and weight gain.

Are you wondering how to do a liver cleanse?

Watch this video on 5 ways to detox your liver naturally.

Liver detox home remedies

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