Our Founder Dr. Alfonso Van Uden established Van Uden Center after more than 30 years of work and experience in the alternative medicine area. We focus on the healing treatments of integrative medicine to offer holistic healing to our guests with the best professional team. We focus on substantially improving the health and quality of life of our guests.

Our services rank among the best holistic healing center in NYC. We offer Colonic therapy, Iridology, holistic Aesthetics, Microblading, and therapeutic y chiropractic massage. Our logo is framed in the silhouette of a fresh leaf representing life and the ancestral clinical theory of the five elements of Chinese medicine.

Basic core in our approach in Alternative, Natural, Bioregulatory and Integrative Medicine, in conjunction with its therapeutic procedures of a technological and scientific approach. The human being as a whole is our main focus, it is symbolized in the center of the icon.

Around this are conceived the five natural elements of alternative medicine; water, earth, wood, metal, and fire, which in teir composition, make up a leaf, representing life.

Our main goal is to make our costumers a vital and healthy human being. We work for the welfare of people looking for alternatives to improve their health problems.

We use the latest trends in innovation and technology to meet high-quality standards; We also build warm, safe and adequate spaces thinking of the tranquility and comfort of our guests where they can explore possibilities that help them to be healthy.

We have an excellent human resource and a broad portfolio of services and products for the comprehensive care of each person.


Alfonso Van Uden is a Colombian Medical Surgeon, graduated from Juan N. Corpas School of Medicine in Bogota, Colombia.
He is distinguished mainly by his human kindness, generosity and hard work in his career; more than 30 years dedicated to health care of thousands of people who have been treated with alternative therapies. He is respected and admired among many who were patients and today friends

​His studies ended at begin of 1987, he started his specialization in the School of Protection and Security "Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada" of the National Police of Colombia.

A short time later, he started his independent career in the Soacha, Colombia in "Drug Store La Bogotanita", where he was allowed to take his first steps as a doctor with a specialty in Alternative Medicine, his goal was to be in service of low-income communities.

In 1988, the idea of creating the San Antonio Social Medical Center was born. The clinic opened its doors in July 1991.

​ This decision was supported by his father Antonio van Uden Nuss, Knight of the Order of Malta, Alfonso van Uden counting on the collaboration and perseverance of his wife and a professional team of doctors, dentists, bacteriologists, therapists, psychologists, nurses, and staff to fully address these communities offering health and welfare.

​ In the year 1988, the idea of ​​creating the San Antonio Social Clinic was born in Soacha, Colombia. In July 1991 the construction of what would be the Medical Center began.
The support of his father Antonio van Uden Nuss, Knight of the Order of Malta was essential for the growth and success that he had later on.

​ In 2005 the Medical Center was unable to hold the patients' load and expanded their physical location by moving the center to the east area of Bogota.

In 2011, the opening of a health service company in the United States, VAN UDEN CENTER, in New York City; of which Dr. Van Uden is its President and Director, accompanied by a select group of professionals, this entity is dedicated to the care of the health and well-being of people who come every day to review their health problems; Van Uden Center currently has awarded in prestigious media and non-governmental institutions. ​


Van Uden Center's number one goal is that through an organic detoxification process the person is stabilized homeostatic, to allow the body to rethink its functioning adequately for the formation of antibodies and slow but safe recovery of each one of the internal organs to the point that we can have a better quality of life.
Van Uden Center offers through its products and holistic and natural therapies an ideal complement of support to other medical treatments in chronic diseases such as cancer, arthritis, lupus, Sjogren syndrome, among others, to improve the symptoms caused by medical treatments conventional and complement said management.
Relieve some symptoms without having to resort to conventional medicines, such as anxiety and reactive stress to family, social or couple conflicts.




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All our products are made with 100% organic and natural raw material. We invite you to learn more about our products.
For more than 30 years we have been taking care of our patients in an integral way, being able to satisfy the needs and expectations. We carry out preventive health campaigns on a regular basis where hundreds of people benefit.
Get the recipes, advice, and information on the ownership of the food you eat. Make decisions wisely and improve your quality of life.
Beyond providing excellent service, our goal has always been to help. We live by and for our patients. For that reason, we have expanded constantly since 1987. Our main objective is to help improve the lifestyle of our patients.