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For your body to be able to heal itself, it needs to be functioning optimally. It can’t do this if it is loaded with toxins. Detoxification is a highly effective process that looks to remove all toxins from your body, including pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and other harmful compounds that could be making you sick. When these have been removed, your body systems including your natural healing processes can start to function properly again.

Our cComplete Detoxification Package has been especially designed to cleanse your body from the inside so that you can enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling life. Each package includes three of our popular holistic therapies and one cleansing kit.

For best results, all three therapies should be performed on the same day, which should take around three hours in total. Alternatively, patients can choose to book separate appointments, but these should ideally all be completed within the same week.

What does
my Complete Detoxification Package include?

1. Iridology.

It’s a simple method of identifying potential health conditions by examining the colored part of the eye known as the iris. You will have a consultation with our trained and experienced iridologist who will ask you questions about your health and lifestyle. They will then perform an evaluation of your eyes, looking at their color, brightness, the placement and shape of the trabecular fibers and any discoloration or shading that may be indicative of a health problem.

Iridology forms the first step of our detoxification package and is a popular standalone evaluation of your overall health and wellness.

2. Colon Therapy

A crucial part of the detoxification process. Also known as colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, this process involves flushing the colin with fluids to remove stubborn digestive waste that may remain inside even after a bowel movement. Colonic Therapy thoroughly cleans the colon of any waste, detoxifying your body and improving your digestion, increasing your energy and a range of other health benefits.

Colon therapy is so effective that more than 95% of our patients undergo treatment every few months, enabling them to keep enjoying the benefits associated with this detoxification process.

3. Ionic Detox
This innovative detox works by eliminating electromagnetic fields (EMFs), heavy metals and other toxins by drawing them out through your feet. Removing these from your body will help your organs and body systems to function optimally, boosting your health. The treatment involves a charged ionic foot bath which absorbs these toxins directly from your feet. During the 30-minute soak, you will see the tint of the water become progressively darker as the toxins leak out into it, providing visible results from your detoxification.

4. Cleansing Kit

Our best-selling cleansing kits are proven to help overhaul patient’s digestive systems, cleansing not only the colon, but also the liver, gallbladder, stomach and short intestine. The treatment removes all toxins and restores your natural digestive processes, with many patients reporting that lose up to five pounds after just one cleanse.

Our digestive cleansing kit is a one-month home treatment and comprises of four organic products. These include:

Colon Care Fiber: this product promotes result bowel movements by relieving trapped wind and easing constipation and bloating.

Ultra Colon Care: these organic tablets use an advanced formular to reduce inflammation and irritation of the colon, eliminating many of the symptoms of irritable bowel disorders.

Parasite Free: parasites are organisms that live inside the body and deplete it of the nutrition we need to stay healthy. This product destroys any parasites present, enabling patients to achieve the maximum nutritional benefit from the food that they consume.

Liver, Pancreas and Gallbladder: this product aids the process of digestion, improving the function of your immune system and relieving many of the symptoms associated with food intolerances.


Contact us today to book your Complete Detoxification Package and get ready to embrace a happier, healthier body. 

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You must book a Colon Hydrotherapy to start with the Detoxification Package- You must not book any other service at this time. You must count with at least 2 hours and a half or get each service on a different day.

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