Iridology, also known as iridodiagnosis, is a popular naturopathy technique that is often compared to reflexology. First practised in the 17th century, the technique of iridology is based on the belief that each organ in the human body has a corresponding region in the iris. As a result, organ function and body systems can be evaluated by simply inspecting the iris.

A typical iris chart usually divides the iris in around 90 zones, with each relating to a different part of the human body. Changes within each zone of the iris can point to issues relating to that part of the body. As well as looking at the shapes and pigment patterns, color variations also carry specific significance too. For example, some iridologists believe that lymphatic-related disease is associated with a blue or blue-gray iris, and endocrine and anemic disorders are associated with brown colors.

Iridology can provide us with crucial information about the health of your:

  • Vital organs, including your heart, liver, kidneys, gallbladder and stomach
  • Crucial body systems, such as the nervous system, circulatory system, reproductive system and more.

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Eye Evaluation

Your trained and experienced iridologist will perform an evaluation of your eyes, looking at their color, brightness, the placement and shape of the trabecular fibers and any discoloration or shading that may be indicative of a health problem. This includes any changes to the tissues of the iris, stromal irregularities and pigment patterns. Iridology is a completely painless and non-invasive process, since your iridologist will be using cameras, lights and microscopes to examine your eyes.

Our ideology sessions are just 30 minutes long which makes it easy to fit an appointment into your lunch break. Let our expert iridologist assess your eyes for signs of sickness. We are often able to detect problems before patients even realize that they are affected. We can then recommend the best way to cure your body and improve your overall health and wellness.

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