Our includes personalized consultation and an IRIDOLOGY EXAM with our specialists. Generally, consists of a series of questions. Our Professional Iridology Exam identifying greater health breaks and intoxicated organs in your body.

The best alternative diagnostic method for improving health.  Learn about your predisposition to illness before you even get sick. 

Iridology New York! Iridology is a Holistic diagnostic method that consists in analyzing through the iris the signs of certain disruptions or illness in the organism.

According to the iridological evaluation, we can determine the metabolic balance of your body and we can also recommend the best way to cure your body and improve your health.

(1) 30 Minute Session

The different signs: chromatic anomalies, spots, chambers, and raised aspects show us the different illnesses, weak points of the organism, and to predispositions to certain illness.

With Iridology it could be discovered that the organism has a problem before the person gets ill.


  • Iridology is a non-invasive method that consists of being able to 
  • Use to observe the pathological and functional imbalances of the organism
  • The health of the main vital organs of the human body, such as the heart, liver, kidneys, gallbladder, bones, joints or stomach 
  • An observation about the gastrointestinal system, the nervous system, the system circulatory system, the reproductive system, and the bone system 


Change your lifestyle and feel healthier and balanced

Considering most of the diseases that lie in poor diet, one of the objectives of the Van Uden Center services, especially the detoxification process, is to change the food ship; In other words, we recommend removing certain factors that determine diseases, for example, consumption of excess salt, sugar, and fats.

Like some substances that little by little are killing human beings and we are replacing them with products that do not cause diseases or alterations of health. In this aspect, we will begin to change or advise to consume Stevia or to sweeten to the maximum, or with the honey of bees, the salt in low sodium.

We also recommend the salt of lime salt from the Mediterranean sea and of course the sea salt. It is very important to remove the FATS and start to consume ONLY olive oil, avocado oil and also grapeseed oil.

These oils thought in cold do not affect or do any harm, we advise you to consume raw, that is, for salads. One of the practical tips of nutrition is to increase the consumption of green tea, seeds, cereals, vegetables, fruits, and salads. The high consumption of liquid, especially water with lemon and bicarbonate, is very important.

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