Medical Biomagentism, also known as biomagentic therapy, is a natural therapy that seeks to restore and optimize health through the balancing of PH levels inside the cells of the body.

The theory of medical biomagnetism has been developed by Dr Isaac Goiz. During more than 25 years of clinical work and experience, he has identified that many illnesses and health conditions are also associated with fundamental alterations in the PH levels found in internal organs. His studies show that bacteria and parasites find it easier to thrive in alkaline environments, while viruses and fungus are more suited to living and growing in an acidic environment. Based on this theory, if our bodies have a neutral pH level (classed as pH7), it will be much harder for illnesses to develop. 

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The biomagnetism technique uses magnets of opposing polarity to encourage a natural pH state within the area of concern, reducing the growth of harmful microorganisms that could be making you sick. This can lead to a reduction or even the elimination of unpleasant symptoms that you may have been experiencing, such as headaches, pains, digestive issues and more.

During the appointment, pairs of magnets will be placed onto the body on the areas identified during your consultation. These don’t cause any discomfort and most patients are able to relax and listen to music, read or even sleep while the treatment takes place. While you rest, the magnets will alter the pH level within the target area, bringing it to the point of equilibrium and in doing so, restoring optimal function to your body systems. Each session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, and most patients undergo a series of treatments in order to achieve the maximum health benefit from their biomagnetic therapy.

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